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Day nine El Camino

Day nine of El Camino. Halfway through the trip and halfway through El Camino. Rosalie seems to be doing well but I’m a bit worried about her knees. Apparently, she’s okay on the flat and going uphill but finds it hard going down.

“If I was going for Pilgrim Fashionista, I think I failed!”


Day eight El Camino

Rosalie likes to wake me early, so, on day eight she dinged my phone at 7 am.

I got a message saying that compared to yesterday, today was a doddle. Only 14 km. After the first 8 km there was a

My little hiker

250-metre climb. They all seem to have a few physical problems: […]

Day seven El Camino

Near disaster on Day seven of El Camino!

I got an email from Rosalie this morning and she sounded a bit desperate. She couldn’t call me on Skype so we

The first El Camino marker post.

texted on Facebook messenger. They were told that the first day’s walk was 15 km but it turned […]

Day Six, Oporto

It’s now day six and Rosalie is drinking it up at Sandeman’s in Oporto. She better stay a tad sober as she starts the walk tomorrow. I’m not sure if some of her reports are out of order as they come to me at odd times. Because of the Wi-Fi being erratic. I told her to […]

Day five Coimbra

Rosalie day five:

“Quite a few tense moments this morning as we gathered at 9:00 to check out & get on the bus.

Two older ladies left their phone charging & handbags & luggage in their room when they went for breakfast.

When they came back, handbag and phone were gone. Quite a lot of […]

Day Three Lisbon

Day three and it doesn’t look as though they have stopped partying yet. 

I wake up to Rosalie’s email first thing in the morning and because of the Wi-Fi situation, I don’t hear again until early afternoon. It seems as though they haven’t got over the jet-lag yet as they all had a bad night.

At […]

Day Two Lisbon

It’s now day two Lisbon and I didn’t get woken quite so early this morning. Rosalie must be getting used to the time change. She sent me an email last night at 5:15 pm. Which I thought was odd as it would have been about 1 am. there. She told me later that she was still […]

Day One, Lisbon

So, she’s finally gone off to Lisbon and day one of her new adventures. I took Rosalie the float plane on Thursday for the trip to Vancouver. She met up with her sisters later in the day and they had dinner together. Then, apparently, they had quite the party where several bottles of wine were […]

El Camino

The time has finally come for Rosalie to make her trip to Portugal and Spain for her El Camino walk. She leaves today but fortunately, her departure doesn’t clash with pub day. If it did she would have to take a taxi to the float plane. Tonight I party….tomorrow I wimper.

I know I’m going to miss […]

Alan, the new Blue Jay

The blue jays have been really aggressive and not as friendly this year, so we decided to try squirrel for entertainment instead. For the first time in three years, we have one friendly enough to feed peanuts to. We call him Alan because of this video on youtube.

He keeps us amused in all sorts […]

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