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New Location

We’ve been looking for the best deal we can get for our new location for next year. What we did is wander up and down until we saw a For Rent sign. Then, if we think we might like it we call them for a viewing. 

One place we went to had a nice roof […]

New Construction

There is a lot of new construction going on in Melaque and some of it is close to where we are. Right next door they are building a large construction with lots of concrete posts and supports. We’ve watched construction taking place here before and they build whole hotels with one cement mixer. This one […]

Melaque Rain

We were sitting watching a movie last night when it began to rain. It was a polite rain as Rosalie likes to call it. During the night and into the morning though it became a decidedly rude rain.

When we got up it was raining on and off and then it started to pour down. […]

Water Tanks and Wallet

We were sitting around early yesterday morning doing what we do best. Nothing! when Rosalie asked me if there was supposed to be water gushing out of the drain pipe from the roof. Oh no! Here we go again.

I thought the hot water tank had burst so I rushed up to the rook to […]

New Phone

So, we got a new phone and I’m sure it was coincidence, but as Rosalie was calling lyn in Canada the fridge blew up. Okay, so this needs some explaining.

We went to pick up a new phone. We selected a little retro number which gave us unlimited calling in Mexico., 230 free minutes to Canada and […]

Social Mayhem

Social Media, or Social Mayhem, as I like to call it, is here to stay, so I thought I’d better get on board. I have a Facebook account but it kind of ends there. I only use it to post my blogs and to view all the cutesy animal pictures. Having very little knowledge how to […]

Up on the Roof

We are fortunate that we have a roof patio that we can use. We access the roof by a spiral staircase  We sat up there a few night ago under a beautiful full moon. The landlord bought some new loungers for us to relax on so that’s what we did. We were reading our books, sipping […]

A Typical Day.

What do we do when we are down here? What is a typical day like? Boy, you guys are nosey.

Okay, here it is.

We usually get up fairly early, about 7 am. We tend to go to bed early as we have no cable and can only read for so long. Most of the […]

A State of Mind.

Living in Melaque is all a state of mind. You either love it or hate it. It’s all about attitude. If you expect things to be near perfect, just like home, then it’s not for you.

We moved to our new location and a few things were not quite right. We had no WiFi to […]

Cocodrilo Wrestling

We took a trip to La Manzanilla as we wanted to see the cocodrilo sanctuary again and try to give Lyn a scare. We had been putting it off as last time we went the taxi cost about $50. After speaking to a couple of the old timers we learned that now it was only […]

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