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A group of one

I’ve noticed recently that people seem to need to be in some sort of group. We’ve joined several groups: Chair yoga, circuit training, healthy diet seminars, monster truck mechanics for seniors and much more.

Maybe group culture started back in the cave man (or cave people to be politically correct) days when we hunted in packs […]

Spring has Sprung

Has Spring final sprung or, are we just kidding ourselves? We know spring will soon be here as the Beer/Book Club guys are starting to come back from warmer places. They remind me of crocuses popping up at the first hint of warmth.

The guys returning from down south and down under.

We had […]

The Book

Okay, you asked for it! A few people said that, after reading my blogs that I should write a book. Well, I have done and I’m hoping to publish it in the next month. It will be an ebook as regular publishing costs too much. (Look out for the hit movie soon after that! Starring […]


We were visiting my former friend Gordie when he mentioned that he had a roll of cushion flooring that he wanted to sell. As we were thinking about redoing the flooring in our kitchen we ended up buying it. He’s my former friend because he

Rosalie keeping an eye on me

knew full well […]

Camino del Santiago

When we were in Prince George Rosalie got together with her sisters who were saying how they are going to walk the Camino del Santiago in Portugal. It’s about 100 km of walking with a bus tour on the side. She got quite enthusiastic about it. We checked with her doctor and Cardiologist and they […]

No TV Box

We turned on the TV last week but couldn’t get any sound. I knew the problem was with our TV box so I reset it for the third time in the last few months. It didn’t work this time, though. Still no sound!

We couldn’t just turn on the cable as we’d cancelled that months […]

One Thumb Up

Having no idea what my next blog would me about, I decided to slice the top of my thumb off and talk about that.

It’s was a minor accident so you don’t have to feel sorry for me. But if you want, you can. I was using my ‘mandolin’ which is basically a veggie slicer […]

A Sad Day

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens, “A tale of two cities”. Seems, to sum up, our week.

January 24th was a very sad day in our family as Rosalie’s Dad passed away. He was nearly 95, had lived an illness-free life but was ready to go.

We […]

I don’t like shopping

We went shopping at Walmart last week looking for a pasta maker. We searched high and low but couldn’t find one. Rosalie asked an assistant who hadn’t even heard of such a thing. Then she started to look in all the places that we had already looked. Why do they do that? Eventually, I found […]

Chair yoga

Because Rosalie has been a participant in a ‘coronary event.’ we felt that we needed to get more exercise and we had heard of chair yoga. The local senior’s organisations here have several exercise programs so we signed up for a couple. I was only in this in a support position, not because I needed […]

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