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No TV Box

We turned on the TV last week but couldn’t get any sound. I knew the problem was with our TV box so I reset it for the third time in the last few months. It didn’t work this time, though. Still no sound!

We couldn’t just turn on the cable as we’d cancelled that months […]

One Thumb Up

Having no idea what my next blog would me about, I decided to slice the top of my thumb off and talk about that.

It’s was a minor accident so you don’t have to feel sorry for me. But if you want, you can. I was using my ‘mandolin’ which is basically a veggie slicer […]

A Sad Day

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens, “A tale of two cities”. Seems, to sum up, our week.

January 24th was a very sad day in our family as Rosalie’s Dad passed away. He was nearly 95, had lived an illness-free life but was ready to go.

We […]

I don’t like shopping

We went shopping at Walmart last week looking for a pasta maker. We searched high and low but couldn’t find one. Rosalie asked an assistant who hadn’t even heard of such a thing. Then she started to look in all the places that we had already looked. Why do they do that? Eventually, I found […]

Chair yoga

Because Rosalie has been a participant in a ‘coronary event.’ we felt that we needed to get more exercise and we had heard of chair yoga. The local senior’s organisations here have several exercise programs so we signed up for a couple. I was only in this in a support position, not because I needed […]

When I were a lad, part two.

During the Summer we roamed far and wide. Mostly we played by the river which was forbidden by our parents but we did it anyway. Friday was the local market day and held a lot of entertainment for us. Battles with left over rotten fruit was one of our

“ La Providence” When I lived […]

When I were a lad..

I never thought that the day would come when I would say “when I were a lad” (in a creaky old geezer voice, with an English accent). But here I am doing it.

I was so cuuuute!

As Christmas got closer I had a few nostalgic thoughts about being a kid in England. Not […]

Rosalie’s Christmas Memories

Here are a few of Rosalie’s Christmas memories. So, it is evening on Christmas Eve. Our Mum has the house all clean, with the tree lit up.The babies Suzanne age three and Giselle age four months are snug in their beds. I am eight years old with my sister Dedee age five, have been bathed, […]

The Rest of Christmas.

Now for the rest of Christmas. We would decorate the house with paper chains, some of which I had artistically made at school. We also had Chinese lanterns that the brothers had brought back from their travels. Sometimes we had mistletoe and holly, once, we even had a three-foot fir tree complete with clip-on candles. […]

Christmas, round one.

Christmas was far different in England than in Canada, but of course, as time passes we remember things differently. To me, those times were better, but that’s only because I grew up there and that’s what I was used to. I must be feeling the nostalgia. My brother and his wife are going back this […]

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