We are fast approaching the time when we will move to the trailer. Among the many chores, we have to face is the serious issue of getting hockey games. My team “The Leafs” are in the playoffs and we don’t have cable or enough WiFi at the campground. We do though, have signals coming through the air!!!



We seem to only live in the condo for four months of the year and want to spend more time in Mexico. So, why not rent out the condo full time, live in the trailer in the summer and go to Mexico for the winter?

Yes, another one of those crazy ideas from the Wells’. This […]

The roof

That’s roof as in goof, not woof.

I was busy (as usual) working away at the trailer one Sunday morning when Rosalie reminded me that it was the day of the Spider Lake Springs A.G.M. I don’t usually miss them as they can be quite fun and there is always the chance that a fight will break […]

The skylight

The next few blogs are a bit dated as Rosalie demanded all the attention for her Camino walk.

We were having fun at the RV lot when Rosalie announced ” We need a skylight.” my response? ” oh god, now what?” She was right though, we did need more light in the trailer. Of course, […]

Test run.

Having got the boat safely to the trailer, we now had to make a test run. We hadn’t owned a motor boat before so didn’t know what to expect when I launched it.

The great day came and Peter and Suzie called to say they wanted to be in on the fun. Great, Peter was […]

Pickle Ball

Pickleball is a new fad for us seniors. It’s a game to try to get us exercising so that we can live another three days and four hours beyond our allotted time. Except for those who pass away on the court from the effort, years before their time. Pickleball was started in Washington state and […]


The problem with having to transition between two places all comes down to underwear. Whenever we go to the trailer we have to take 

Or find your tablet.

a certain amount of clothes with us. The problem is the tendency to miscalculate. I tend to take too many undies to the trailer and then […]

The Cedar Fence

We decided that the RV lot was too small, or to be more correct, we had too much parking space and not enough party room. So we decided to place a cedar fence across half of the parking area and to tear down a few ornamental cedars to give us the room. I was originally […]

The Hawaiian Sun Chair.

Maui Sun Chair.

When we were in Arizona Rosalie bought a Hawaiian Sun Chair.  I would have pointed out the fact that it couldn’t be used with a sky hook but actually had to hang from something. But I wasn’t with her at the time.

I looked at the area around the trailer but the only […]

Yeaaaa Spring.

Its Spring and in another month we are able to open the trailer for another season. We can’t wait.

We’ve been up there a few times since we came back from AZ. The first time we went had a nice lunch with beer and wine around the


camp fire. The sun was shining […]

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