Have fun with these. They are not edited and not in any particular order.

The bicycle lanes in Amsterdam.

Boat tour of Paris.

Camping in Germany on the banks of the Rhine.

The farewell dinner in Paris.

Flamenco dancers in Barcelona.

Florence cathedral. It starts out a bit weird but gets better.

One of the tight spaces our drivers had to get into in Madrid.

Our ferry leaving Dover.

A boat tour on lake Lucerne.

Our tour train in Athens old quarter.

The view from Montparnasse tower Paris.

Rochester Cathedral.  My home town. I lived about 100 yards behind the camera and woke up to the bells every Sunday morning.

St Peters Square. Vatican city. Yes that is The Pope on the TV screen. We could see him if we had a tele photo lens, which fortunately I did.

A show in Lucerne.

The Coliseum Rome.

One of the canals in Venice.

The view from the Basilica at Assisi.

View from the tour bus in Athens.

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