Day thirteen, Santiago

El Camino is over and it’s day thirteen of Rosalie’s trip. As she is doing some resting up today there isn’t much to report. So, She sent me some photos of her last day walking and I will try to entertain with those.

“Marina, Gouzine & I taking this bus for 7 hilly km, on the […]

Day ten El Camino

Day ten and the going gets a little harder. 

“So today, at beginning of day, we are not walking, as the wildfires are causing some concern because we would be walking in the forested area. So we will put our luggage & poles on the bus, walk around town till 11:00 am, then the bus […]

Spring has Sprung

Has Spring final sprung or, are we just kidding ourselves? We know spring will soon be here as the Beer/Book Club guys are starting to come back from warmer places. They remind me of crocuses popping up at the first hint of warmth.

The guys returning from down south and down under.

We had […]

Camino del Santiago

When we were in Prince George Rosalie got together with her sisters who were saying how they are going to walk the Camino del Santiago in Portugal. It’s about 100 km of walking with a bus tour on the side. She got quite enthusiastic about it. We checked with her doctor and Cardiologist and they […]

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