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Day fifteen Lisbon

Day fifteen, I think! Rosalie has arrived back in Lisbon. Unfortunately, she has picked up a bug and isn’t feeling too good. It didn’t seem to stop her from having a few glasses of wine with her sisters before bed though. She also hooked up with a good pharmacist who is taking care of her.

“It […]

Day four, the bus tour.

Day four and the bus tour begins. This is Rosalie’s take on the day.

“I was sitting right up front on the bus this morning, with a great view of the coming trip from Lisbon to Fatima, as the tour members took their seats.

Along came a woman who says she gets car sick if […]

Day Three Lisbon

Day three and it doesn’t look as though they have stopped partying yet. 

I wake up to Rosalie’s email first thing in the morning and because of the Wi-Fi situation, I don’t hear again until early afternoon. It seems as though they haven’t got over the jet-lag yet as they all had a bad night.

At […]

Day Two Lisbon

It’s now day two Lisbon and I didn’t get woken quite so early this morning. Rosalie must be getting used to the time change. She sent me an email last night at 5:15 pm. Which I thought was odd as it would have been about 1 am. there. She told me later that she was still […]

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