New Phone

So, we got a new phone and I’m sure it was coincidence, but as Rosalie was calling lyn in Canada the fridge blew up. Okay, so this needs some explaining.

We went to pick up a new phone. We selected a little retro number which gave us unlimited calling in Mexico., 230 free minutes to Canada and […]

Up on the Roof

We are fortunate that we have a roof patio that we can use. We access the roof by a spiral staircase  We sat up there a few night ago under a beautiful full moon. The landlord bought some new loungers for us to relax on so that’s what we did. We were reading our books, sipping […]

A State of Mind.

Living in Melaque is all a state of mind. You either love it or hate it. It’s all about attitude. If you expect things to be near perfect, just like home, then it’s not for you.

We moved to our new location and a few things were not quite right. We had no WiFi to […]

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