Melaque Rain

We were sitting watching a movie last night when it began to rain. It was a polite rain as Rosalie likes to call it. During the night and into the morning though it became a decidedly rude rain.

When we got up it was raining on and off and then it started to pour down. […]

More rain, again!

Still more rain

I expect we will see more rain again today. We left Lodi at about 9 am and headed south once again . It’s only 254 miles to Bakersfield so we planned to have an early day. The roads are great to drive on, but


unfortunately we had more rain most […]

Medford and beyond.


Peter insisted that I mention that I got us lost returning for the Red Lobster last night. So they saw parts of Medford that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. At no extra

Crater Lake Medford.

charge I might add. We left Medford at about 8:30 am today and was looking with apprehension to […]

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