Melaque Rain

We were sitting watching a movie last night when it began to rain. It was a polite rain as Rosalie likes to call it. During the night and into the morning though it became a decidedly rude rain.

When we got up it was raining on and off and then it started to pour down. […]

Language and Food

Mia Esposa, namely Rosalie, has been learning Spanish for quite a while. It’s a romantic language similar to French so she caught on to the basics fairly easily. I have been amazed at her progress. She gets into whole conversations with people. There hasn’t been a single incident with language that she hasn’t sorted out for us. I […]

Spanish lessons.

As we get older we must use our brain cells more, so we don’t lose ground. With this in mind, we decided to take some Spanish Lessons. As it happens, learning a new language is just what the doctor ordered. At first, it was very frustrating, mainly because I wanted to know it all the first day. […]

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