The roof

That’s roof as in goof, not woof.

I was busy (as usual) working away at the trailer one Sunday morning when Rosalie reminded me that it was the day of the Spider Lake Springs A.G.M. I don’t usually miss them as they can be quite fun and there is always the chance that a fight will break […]

Retirement, we love it.

Rosalie and I have been in retirement together now for about seven months. I was worried that we would end up doing each other harm, but we seem to get on ok. I did find her in my space a few times. I’m not used to her being in my way when I want to clean […]

The Hawaiian Sun Chair.

Maui Sun Chair.

When we were in Arizona Rosalie bought a Hawaiian Sun Chair.  I would have pointed out the fact that it couldn’t be used with a sky hook but actually had to hang from something. But I wasn’t with her at the time.

I looked at the area around the trailer but the only […]

Yeaaaa Spring.

Its Spring and in another month we are able to open the trailer for another season. We can’t wait.

We’ve been up there a few times since we came back from AZ. The first time we went had a nice lunch with beer and wine around the


camp fire. The sun was shining […]

Buying an older trailer. Part two.

Rosalie had a Home Depot gift card given to her by her friends in the office when she retired. As she didn’t need any new tools she decided to donate it to replacing the floor of our older trailer. So off we toddled to buy some laminate. We were very fortunate because they had just received a […]

Clams, lots of clams.

We weren’t particularly looking for clams, but they seemed to find us. As our trailer is only ten minutes from the beach, Rosalie and I thought we would cash in on the ‘bounty of the sea’. Arr Jim lad! 

We hadn’t had much luck with fishing so far, so we waited until we had the heaviest […]

More about blue Jays

We were missing the blue jays, so after gallivanting around Europe for almost six weeks we skulked off to the trailer to try to combat the effects of jet lag and financial fatigue.

While we were away, our good friend Lyn checked on the place once a week and fed the blue jays for us, […]

Moving The Trailer

Moving the trailer sounded like fun. So we have a 38′ toy hauler trailer and a Nissan Versa to tow it with. I did consider trying to put a fifth wheel hitch on the car but couldn’t figure a way of fixing it. This was way too big a job for Duct tape. We decided […]

A New Beginning. (Again)

We knew that at our age we would need to have another new beginning and downsize sooner or later. The list of chores around the house was getting too long, so we sold our house and bought a nice inexpensive condo (YEA! no grass to cut and no gutters to clean.) This gave us a […]


I decided for retirement a while ago, while Rosalie was still working. I would have preferred that she retire too but she wasn’t ready for the transition.

Last year she decided to go down to three days a week and looking back on it now, it was probably a very good idea. For someone with a work ethic […]

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