Senior Side Of Things.

Most people think that once you reach retirement age, life stops and you get senile. Especially younger folk think that, and even more especially, our kids. Well, this is the senior side of things, life begins, not at forty, but at retirement. We generally senior sidehave the money we need and we certainly have the leisure time. We have a lifetime collection of friends that we can now enjoy and have fun with.

Sometimes we have health problems, and a few of us leave life too early, but mostly we have a great attitude about getting older and we get a lot of laughs from it. We can go on vacation and not stress about having to go back to work. And if we do work, it’s because we want to not because we have to.

Enjoy the senior side

OK, so our memories aren’t too good, anymore, that’s probably because of all the knowledge we’ve taken in and there’s no room for any more. We are generally smarter than our kids and know a great deal more. Just because we’re not up on modern technology and the latest movie and music “stars”, doesn’t make us dumb.

We were up on modern technology in our day, long-playing records, transistor radios, black and white TVs, push-button phones, (connected to the wall of course). They wonder about us because we don’t get excited about horror shows and action adventures. We have seen so many of these type of shows in our youth that they are just ho-hum to us now. We’ve been there, seen that and done that. I wonder if they would have survived the sixties? I may be wrong about this of course. Not all younger people think that way.

Anyhow, this site is about seniors having fun. Any contributions, such as stories or anecdotes would be more than welcome.

“The dog who’s too old to learn new tricks always has been.”
Unknown wise person.

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