We arrived in Mexico a week ago today and we’ve seen about 5 minutes of sun. When we were in Puerto Vallarta we just missed a tropical storm but got all the rain from it.

Having arrived in Melaque, it’s been cloudy most of the time. Then we heard about hurricane Willa. We checked it out on “Windy”, a very neat site, and saw that it was going to miss us, but another, much smaller, storm “Vincente” was in our area. It mostly blew out but at the moment we’re getting the rain from it.

It’s not much of a problem as the temperature is 26 C (brrrr, chilly). we have plenty of supplies….a case of beer and a jug of wine. Oh yes, and some food. The good thing is that with the temperature being lower we don’t feel the humidity so much.

I’ve been under the weather in more ways than one since before we left Canada and am only just getting over it. In fact, I was so bad the day before we left I thought we would have to leave later and lose our flight. I also had to winterize the trailer. I got over it after a while with help of a couple of Gravol.  We read that there is a Salmonella outbreak in BC and Alberta. I don’t know if it was that but I have all the symptoms. Just to add to my misery I mysteriously lost my new hat on the bus down from PV. I took it off and put it on top of my camera on the floor and haven’t seen it since.

While my illness was temporarily in remission we went for lunch with Mike and Pat. We had a nice lunch, drank too much and went home to rest up. On the way, we picked up a case of beer. They had stored a tote for us since January and dropped it off before going home. When we opened it, it was like Christmas.

I just took a break and we walked uptown with our umbrellas. We did a  bank deposit and then activated my phone. We got unlimited phoning and text to all of North America plus 1.5 Gig of data for the equivalent of $13.54 Canadian. I think we’re being ripped off in Canada. Rosalie’s Canadian plan with unlimited calling and text, only in Canada, and 2 Gig of data costs $44 a month.

This whole huricaney thing should be finished by Thursday so we are looking forward to that. Although we will no doubt start to complain when the temperature goes up.

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