Yet more rain

This was written yesterday but because of the rain, we lost our Wifi and I couldn’t publish it.

Just when we thought we had missed the main storms from Vincent, he fought back.

We went into town again today. It wasn’t raining and was getting warmer and brighter so we dropped off our laundry on the way. After we got home we decided we need to go up to town again to get a few more important supplies like more wine and a bbq chicken for lunch.

As we were walking back we saw a few blue spots in the sky. Nothing to get excited about but encouraging just the same. I even put my sunglasses on. When we got home, I went for a nap and later picked up our laundry while Rosalie waited for the one-legged repairman to come and fix our hot water heater.

It started to rain again but we had been through this before so weren’t too concerned. Then, it …started…to …rain. Holy smokes, it poured down.

I took a couple of chairs out front to watch the show. We have a four-metre overhang so no fear of getting wet. As we were watching, the rain got stronger then started to lightning and thunder.

I was taking a few pictures and a video when all hell broke loose and a crash of Thunder like I’ve never heard before. I was so startled I almost spilled my wine.

I’m from England and used to rain but nothing like this. I was fascinated by the way the Mexicans handled it. They didn’t, they just a carried on as usual. People would ride by on bikes with a garbage bag for protection…or not. Cars drove by at the same speed. The only difference that I could see was that the kids went swimming in the streets instead of the ocean.

Anyhow, we are only about a foot above street level so before we turn in at night we take the precaution of raising all our electronics above floor level, just in case.


It rained all night but started to clear up this morning.

We haven’t got a lot of news about Willa but I suspect the damage will be less than in Florida. The structures down here are mostly concrete or brick whereas further north in Canada and the USA we build our houses of sticks. Remember the story of the three little pigs.

Also, water damage is less of an issue. There are no carpets to get wet. Any water coming in would run on tile and be easily swept out. Our duplex is close to road level which is often flooded so just in case the water rises we make sure all electronics are off the floor. Flooding and mudslides seem to be an issue.

The door to our rooftop patio leaked yesterday and some water ran down the stairs to our bedroom level. We didn’t worry about it as we knew that in a few hours it would be dried up.

Things are starting to brighten so we can soon get back to normal.

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