A day out

We went to our new dentist today. The 14-year-old women doctor that we saw last year got married just after we saw her and has just had a baby. Her 17-year-old brother is filling in. This pleased Rosalie a lot as he is a good-looking young man. Now the groping issue is not so important to her! He did a good job and much to Rosalie’s delight she has to go and see him again for some more work.

More of our friends are showing up so we went walkabout to find Jim and Ylda. We had a great visit and I did a scientific experiment on the way home. I found that I could have three beers, take a half an hour walk home; stopping for shopping on the way, and still make it without peeing my pants…Just.

I’m going to kill that F…ing rooster! We just heard of a couple who bought a noisy rooster for an exorbitant price on the condition that the people didn’t buy another one. We have no idea what they did with it but my imagination became very sadistic.

The mystery of the Mexican/Chilean wine is solved. Lucy our waitress told us that Chile has produced a wine with a Mexican label to honor Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Lucy and I were both disappointed as we thought the idea of a Mexican wine having a Chilean cork was great fun and purely Mexican.

Rosalie bought a new dress yesterday and another one today. My job was to sit outside the shop muttering impatiently under my breath and wondering what happened to all the other dresses she had bought on previous trips down here. A least she seems to be past her purchasing silver phase.

A few days ago we ran out of beer and Rosalie started to panic so we walked uptown and ordered a couple of cases of Estrella.  24 bottles to the case, about $18 each case. They said they would deliver it between 4 and 5 pm. 5:30 came around and no beer, so we started to get a bit anxious. By 6 we were both pacing the floor. Rosalie in need of a beer; and me wondering if we had been ripped off. But we remembered this is Mexico and sure enough the booze showed up at 6:15. Saved!

A lot of the streets here are one way; with the exception of bicycles, motorbikes, the odd Tuc-Tuc, the local garbage truck as well as, anyone going the wrong way and decides to do a three-point turn rather than go around. We always look both ways no matter what street we cross.

As mentioned earlier, Rosalie sent us a letter from Canada to Melaque a few days before we left. It’s been nearly a month and it still hasn’t arrived. It should have been a Christmas card as we may get it just in time.

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