The scare

Rosalie gave us a bit of a scare when she went to the doctor for a follow-up. Dra. Rosa (Dra. because female doctors are referred to as Doctora) gave her an ultrasound, yes, right there in the office. She found an anomaly on Rosalie’s pancreas and it sent us in a bit of a tizzy. So an appointment was made to go to the hospital in Manzanillo.

While we were waiting for the Doctora, A mobile family business arrived. They were selling baked goods. The kid on the back carried the goods while Mum drove. At least I hope that mom was driving. The little kid in front looks quite capable. Note that there is still room for two more kids.

Now, this is the interesting bit. The appointment was made on Monday for Tuesday morning. Quick Huh! Bill and Connie were good enough to drive us down so we got there at 10 am for the appointment. The place was really busy so we had to wait an hour. They like you to pay in advance and we were surprised to find that it only cost $37 Canadian.

After the procedure, we had to wait an hour for the report so we took Bill and Connie for lunch. When we got back to the hospital we picked up a package with all the relevant photos as well as an extensive written report.

When we arrived back in Melaque we went immediately to see Dra. Rosa. Down here you just drop in, no appointment necessary. She read the report and gave us the news that it wasn’t Rosalie’s pancreas but a bit of fattiness on her liver; easily curable with diet. Phew, what a relief.

Well, it is a relief until I find out that my future diet will be fruit and veggies. I’m not amused. I will go along not only in support but because I need to lose a bit of weight anyway. The one good thing is that while Rosalie can’t have any alcohol for a while, I can. So when it’s hot and we return from the grocery store all hot and sweaty, I can taunt her with a nice, ice cold cerveza.

2 thoughts on “The scare”

  1. Happy to hear all is well – and I know from experience that the health care you get in Mexico is great !! Keep receipts and you will get re imbursed from your BC med when you get back. Hugs


  2. What the heck the mother has a helmet on and none for the kids. Then the little one holding a cake with no hands to hang on with…good to hear Rosalie is ok.


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