Sitting at the trailer by the fire, well I was, Rosalie was playing with her darn Instant Pot cooking up some sort of delicious meal when we got a call from Julie. “Come and see the baby squirrels,” she said.

We hustled over and discovered that she’d taken a draw from her bathroom and under a layer of insulation (stolen from our trailer we later found out.) we saw that it was filled with six baby squirrels. She put it outside in the hopes that Mum would find them and take them away.

Apparently, the reason they called me was they thought that I would dispose of them. Wrong!! The babies were so cute I wanted to adopt one or two of them. I could punch someone in the chops but when it comes to killing things…no way.

I was worried about the new babies so suggested that they put them by the entrance hole to the trailer that Mum had used. Mum, however, had already been there and seen the babies and was a bit confused as to why they weren’t in the trailer.

Ron and Julie watched Mum, after finding the babies and giving them a good scolding for straying,  took them back to the trailer one by one and hid them somewhere inside once again.

I was a little put out as I hand fed Allison for two seasons and she had her babies in Julie’s trailer. I would rather she had them in ours. I won’t pursue that idea though as I just the look from Rosalie at the mear suggestion of it.

But wait! I was outside working when I almost tripped over a familiar critter; Alan! I was really surprised, I think Alison and Alan are not the same squirrel as I thought. Although I didn’t quite feel right about that. Alison was hesitant were as Alan was more in my face.

He immediately went to the end of the fence where I usually feed him. Rosalie wanted to see if he had boobs so I held the peanut high so we could get a good look. What a pair of perverts! But no boobs that we could see.

Mike thinks that Alan may be involved with the new pups but none of them even looked like him. I think Alison is trying to trap him, the hussy.

The debate still rages though. I noticed that Alan has teats. (nipples to the peasants) but I’m still not sure if he is male or female. I did ask but he seems disinclined to answer.

Anyway, I have decided that I don’t care what gender he is, He will remain, Alan, even if he is a female. The poor gender confused little critter.

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