Walked out this morning and realized that fall will soon be upon us, definite chill in the air. This is the first year we’ve been here that there hasn’t been a fire ban; a strange summer.

We are counting down to Mexico with just over four weeks to go, starting to prepare for it. So many things to remember: book hotel and car; make sure we have enough wine to come back to; eat up all the freezer food; make a list of all the thing we want to take down with us that we can’t get there, like an Instant Pot.

It turns we can fit an instant pot in one of our suitcases. I can just imagine what the security will think when they see a pressure cooker on their x-ray. I’m tempted to put a bunch of batteries and some odd bits of wire in just to see what happens, but I won’t. I can also imagine a small piece of rope hanging out of the lid we a small note saying “Light fuse and run.” Ah! my weird mind!

Our furniture on consignment in Duncan idea didn’t work out, so we went to pick it up today. We got a free truck from the storage company we use. The last time we got a free truck from Budget it cost $168 so we were a bit skeptical. I had worked out the mileage and estimated the gas at about $60 for a total of about $100, not bad! We went to Duncan, grabbed our stuff drove it back to store in the sunroom. On the way, it was obvious that I had miss calculated the mileage. I probably based it on miles rather than kilometres. So my estimate was off. However, when I topped up with gas I look at the receipt and had pumped exactly $60. Redemption…somewhat.

It’s been a good season overall. We had a few good parties and some great Jenga games. There were also a lot of drop-in impromptu parties. Always fun! Not much money was spent on renos that I wanted to do. The garden wasn’t a great success but it’s in its first year and needs building up. I did get enough garlic and onions to pickle so was happy with that.

I built a bird box for the robins for next year. But I suspect that they will still attack the windows. I put a Canadian flag over our bedroom window and haven’t been bothered since. Must be patriotic Canadian robins not wanting to attack the flag.

My hand is healing well but we did have a bit of a complication. I have a minor rash and it seems to be affecting the healing process so I have to put on some heavy-duty steroid cream on my hand, to help. I  not out of the dressings yet but should be by next week. Other than that the hand is working great.

I had my annual checkup the other day and the Doctor said I have to quit drinking and lose weight. (This is true.) Anybody know of a good Doctor looking for any slightly tubby alcoholic patients?

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