Party time (again)

We were at Froy’s restaurant in Barra, watching Dave Spinks play a few nights ago. Great as always. He mentioned that he had a birthday coming up and invited us along.

We went to Mike and Pat’s first as we didn’t know where Dave and Roz live. I suppose we could have just waited for the music to start and follow the beat of the bass.

They have just finished their home and it’s beautiful. It was a much smaller place when they bought it so they moved things around and made it more to their taste. There is a large out side area with a swimming pool where the party took place.

Dave of course played and sang and a couple of his friends from the music community joined him for a few songs. We knew a few of the people there including one of the musicians, Sanchez (from Ontario.)

I was drinking wine for most of the evening but when Dave brought out the Tequila he forced me to have some. The rest of the evening got a bit blurry after that but Rosalie saw that I got home safely. A great time was had by all.

Me after the party

Phone trouble.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Rosalie’s phone has been playing up and won’t charge without a lot of technical jiggling. We took it to a repair store but was told to come back the next day when the charge dropped a bit. (???.)

We went back the following morning and the young lady took the phone. She started to fool with it and we told her we would be back in an hour. She said that no it would only take a few minutes. Eventually, the owner of the business showed up.

An hour went by and I was just about to ask how much longer by way of Google translate when the owner Alejandro called us to the counter and said he could fix it but to come back in two days. We decided to teach them a lesson and come back in three days and see how they like that.

From there we went to the immigration office and picked up our Residente Temporal cards. Then had our lunch on the beach,  then headed back for busy afternoon in the hammock.

I went back for Rosalie’s phone and was told to come back in the afternoon. We couldn’t do that as Val was arriving and Gerry took us to pick her up from the airport. I arranged to get it tomorrow. This is my third visit. I’m curious to see how many it will take before we get the phone back.

Well the phone was finally returned but he couldn’t repair it. I think he messed it up somehow, but that’s my opinion.

We were recommended to another place just up the road from us. So I took it there. I told him the problem and he asked why the other guy coundn’t fix it. I told him I didn’t know. He said he could fix it but it needed a new board. Okay! We hear that in Canada and know it’s a throw away too expensive to fix.

I went back the next day but only his partner was there. He as on the phone speaking to someone in English and giving them heck. I finally asked for the phone and he had to call his partner to see if it was fixed. Wow! it was. And it only cost three hundred pesos. less than twenty dollars Canadian.

I brought it home and handed it to Rosalie who had tears her eyes at such an emotional moment. We tried it out and it worked great. Guess where we will go next time for repairs.


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