A car and stuff

It’s been hotter than usual down here. Valerie isn’t used to the heat so we decided to rent a car for a week to do some sight seeing and exploring.

It’s cooled off a bit now as it’s been raining quite a bit. We had to get out our rain gear as it was pretty hard at times.

 We picked the car up in Barra. It was an upgrade on the one we had last year so I was happy about that as now I could actually pass other vehicles.

The day we got it we went to WalMart in Manzanillo to stock up on stuff we can’t usually get in Melaque. It was a nice drive down, uneventful and we had a good day. That afternoon we went to the beach and the ladies had a swim.

Boca de Iguana and La Manzanilla were next on the list. Boca is a beautiful beach town with a hotel where I sat with a beer while the ladies went for a walk.

The beach at Boca De Iguana

Next we went to Isle Navidad. There is a hotel in a huge private estate that we drove through and ended up in the little town of Colomilla. The speed bumps were the worst I have ever seen. They consisted of about three inch square concrete laid side by side and about five deep. I think I may have to go back to the dentist to get some fillings replaced. The car is a five speed standard so I was constantly changing gears.

I’m finally over the fact that you have to be in the extreme right lane to turn left. I don’t know where we will go next but it’s sure to be an adventure. If we don’t go anywhere it’s still a better way to get around town.

There is a bit of a money crises here… again. The BanaMex  is changing out their ATM’s so they aren’t available until 12th Dec. We can get money from our bank but it’s ATM is closed today. It’s tough for tourists as they may have to go as far a Chiuatlan to get money.

Rosalie has been on at me for the last couple of days to have my hair cut. Several years ago, when she first started doing it, I had to give her a few glasses of wine to get here courage up. She hasn’t done too badly over the years, but today she must have been at the tequila as she darn near balded me. She still insisted that I pay her though…Yea right!

I look mad but I thought it was funny, besides, I don’t have to look at it.

So, Rosalie finally got her phone back. A few days later she tried to make a call and found that nobody could hear her. The microphone wasn’t working. We took it back to the repair place and he suggested that it was wrecked when the first guy had it. I had to agree as the previous guy was using a pretty big soldering iron for such a small job. Anyway we will get it back soon. In the mean time Rosalie frets. Probably the reason she was drinking tequila before doing my hair.

Rosalie waiting for her phone.

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