Revolution Day

We were lazing around minding our own business when we were disturbed by the sound of whistles and marching feet. Uh-oh! Here comes the Mexican army.

Peaking outside we saw a herd of school kids practising for the parade on Revolution Day. It was funny to see the teachers yelling at the kids but the kids didn’t seem in the least bit perturbed.

When the great day arrived, 20th Nov, we were lucky enough that it went right by our house. I took lots of video so am trying to find the best way to present some of them. Ooh! It looks as though I might have succeeded.

Rosalie decided that we had to follow the parade up to the main square in Melaque. We went around to the square in Villa Obregon where we were told that the parade would again pass by on it’s way to Melaque.

After waiting half an hour nothing showed up. I suggested that we walk up to the main square where several parades converge. Part way up there it was decided that I was to go back and get the rental car so that we didn’t’t have to walk home.

I trudged back home and hopped into the car and headed for Centro. I got to the end of the main road but it was blocked by a parade. The only other way I could get to town was by going the wrong way on a one way street. Then I noticed a taxi going up a small side street so I decided to follow.

It was the roughest road in town but led in the general direction that I was going. During the ride, Rosalie called me to tell me where to find them if and when I got there.

At the end of the street I had to turn right as it was another one way street. It too was blocked! Now what? Okay, I had to think like a Mexican so I turned the wrong way up the street until I found a parking space. I then had to do a three (?) point turn in a narrow cobbled street.

I finally parked and got out of the car. Sitting in a pick up truck opposite where I had parked was a Mexican who was as stuck as bad as I was. We both decided that the whole thing was loco and I left him laughing.

I finally found the ladies and we watched the end of the parade. There were all sorts of activities going on, so we found a restaurant on the street and enjoyed them in comfort.

Fortunately the car was where I had left it and the streets were a lot clearer so we got home fine.

We had to take the car back. So early the next morning Rosalie and I took it to Barra and caught the bus home. I was kept busy during the week that we had it and I lost a lot of hammock time but over all we had fun. I think I miss having a car and we plan to buy one next year when we come back.

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