Rubii, our cleaning lady and her family are adding a second story to their house. They live just across the street from us so we get to see all the fun.

As I’ve said before, Mexicans are hard workers. They start early in the morning, as soon as the sun comes up. The music they play is great and we often get one fool singing along. They are also laughing and chatting all day long.

On this particular morning they were pouring the concrete for the new floor. Valerie and I just had to go and see what they were up to.

The lady in the blue shirt in front is Rubii. It looks to me as though she’s supervising. Notice the way they work the cement mixer. First some water then they throw in the rest of the ingredients. They only wait a few seconds before emptying it into the five gallon pails. It doesn’t  seem enough time to me but it obviously works.

The whole thing was finished in a couple of hours. It wore me out just watching so I went and had a beer and a lay down in the hammock to cool off.

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