1st December 5 am. Boom…Boom! The festival of Guadalupe has begun.

Every morning now the explosions start at 5 am and then again at 6. We also hear a few during the day, as well as the odd parade comes by. This will continue through until 12th December We are pretty well used to it but we met some Canadians who were here for the first time and didn’t know what it was until we clued them in.

We are lucky because the parade comes past our house so I get to video it. The song they sing is always the same but I don’t know what it is.

Rosalie and I woke at 5 this morning and watched a small parade go by in the near dark. They play the same music as they walk and are always preceded by a statue of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe.’

This guy walks behind the parade and is responsible for all the kabooms.

It’s still very humid down here but we are used to it. Valerie is finding it somewhat difficult as are a few other newbies I’ve met. We keep the floor fans going all the time so it’s not too bad.

I’m trying not to drink too much alcohol but it’s difficult when you have to take in lots of fluids. We have been drinking ‘Jamaica’ (Hamika). It’s made from hibiscus flowers and Rosalie cooks up a concentrate in her Instant pot. She does it just right, not too much sugar.We just add water and a whole bunch of ice, some lime and away we go. We can also get it in the local restaurants.

For some reason It seems to me that there are fewer Nordeños this year. I guess they heard that I’m here again. The vendors in the market seem a little more aggressive so maybe they’re having a hard time getting business. It usually picks up again in early January so we will see.

Bill and Connie dropped by the other day. They came to pick up Rosalie and went to pay for our Christmas Eve dinner. When they came back they invited us to go shopping in Manzanillo. We had a great day. We spent way too much but that’s how it goes when you try to stock up.

On the way to Manzanillo there are a number of small towns. Crossing the road in these towns are large concrete pedestrian walkways. They are rarely used as it’s a two lane road and the locals just wait for a break in the traffic and walk across. There are also large concrete bus shelters that seem a bit of an over-kill. Well that’s Mexico.

Mike got a new tattoo. I don’t like tattoos generally but I like this one. Notice the marching soldiers in the feather.

Our neighbours on the way to the festival. Mum Adriana, Camila and Ivan (pronounced ‘Eeban’)


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