Just another day

It’s Wednesday so the local market is open. We scooted up and got some of our favourite sausages from Leon (he’s Dutch). We decided to check out the rest of the market to see if there was anyone we knew.

As usual we bumped in to all sorts of people. Barb and Dave, Mike and Faye, Diane and Ron and of course Carlos. Carlos sells top quality leather belts, wallets and purses. He speaks a little English and once dropped by our casa for a glass of water. We see him often and consider him a friend. He has a tragic past which I don’t want to get into here.

We took our stuff back to the casa, half a block away, and put it into the freezer and then went up to town for the essentials. We got ten litres of wine, a bottle of Agavero tequila liquor, a case of beer and two cartons of milk. I thought this would last us for a least a few days.

It may seem by my blogs that we drink a lot. Well we do, but we also have people dropping in all the time and we are more that happy to supply them with booze and send them staggering on their way.

When we ordered our stuff I tried to tell the Mexican lady who sees us a lot that we wanted it delivered. Although my Spanish is improving I still refer to Google translate a lot. She had no idea what I was saying so I used the magic English word ‘delivery’ she got that.

They said they would be there in two hours so we knew we had at least four hours to enjoy lunch. We went to ‘Papa Gallo’s’ and quizzed Rafael our waiter, on the proper usage of ‘deliver’. He confused me so much that I deferred to Rosalie and she got me straightened out. Rafael is a really good guy and helps us with our Spanish a lot.

It was two-for-one day for margaritas so, as we do, we ordered a couple and a   plate of nachos. By the time we finished our drinks we found that we could speak Spanish fluently.

We went home and rested in the hammock and all Rosalie could come up with was “Quiero soplar una frambuesa en tu vientre” (I want to blow raspberries on your belly”.) She was hooped! The problem we have now is that we have to go out to a show tonight starring our favourite singer Dave Spinks.

To follow up on dog whistle saga I blew a really loud burst the other day. A guy across the street with a hearing aid jumped three feet in the air and Rosalie leapt up and got me a cold beer. I think I may keep this thing. The dogs however kept barking.

By the way, it was three hours ago and our order still hasn’t arrived. Such is Mexico. The one thing we do know is that it may be late but it will arrive if not today then tomorrow. If it doesn’t arrive by then,  I’ll send Rosalie out to start blowing raspberries.

Our order turned up at 7 pm. We were out so they left it with Gerry next door. The problem was that they couldn’t pick up the empties. So we will just give it to them next time we order.

The evening listening to Dave was great…as usual.



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