Social Media

I don’t use Facebook. I don’t have enough time to find out how someone changes their baby’s diapers and how healthy the poop looks. I do have a Facebook page but haven’t looked at it for months. The only reason I have it because the blog ends up posted there.

I think it’s funny about all the angst and drama the site causes. I know of people who have blocked someone only to get a family member to be a friend so that they can still watch what the other guy is doing. They think they’re being clever but in reality, I think it’s quite sad.

I do have sites I look at. I love The Chive, It has a lot of T & A but also has a lot of good entertainment, mostly photos and gifs. Not that I have anything against T & A.  but after a while it gets boring. You see one you’ve seen them both, so who cares. I  also read the news and check on the Maple Leafs., but not all day, an hour or more in the morning and that’s it.


Me checking out T&A on  The Chive.

Rosalie’s look of disapproval.

It seems to me to be a place of distant revenge. “You called my hubby a doorknob so I’m going to shame you on Facebook.” Then the person goes on and makes a complete idiot of themselves, and the war is on. “He said”, “she said” unfriend, dislike, block. All because her hubby is a doorknob. He is, I’m sure I know him. Oops! there we go, now I’ll become a target.


The time spent looking at this stuff is astounding. If we could just gather up all that energy expended scrolling we would solve the world energy problems. It’s not just a case of spending a few hours when you get home from work in the evening. You take it with you everywhere in the form of your cell phone. Production must have dropped when the cell phone was introduced.

Fake news is also a huge problem. Some people will believe anything just because it’s on Facebook. Unless of course, it doesn’t agree with their own beliefs. Then: It’s all lies, no matter how true it is. We’ve seen this time and again over the last four years or so.

I like The Chive because all you have to do is look at it. No need to make a comment although it has annoyed me at times and I have a wee rant by myself, unless Rosalie’s in range and then she gets it. Most of the pictures I put on the blog are from The Chive. Anyway, I don’t have any more time for this rant I have to get back and see if I can find that lady with big hooters again.


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