Time well spent

While learning the various ways to tell the time in Spanish I got to thinking. It hurt my head a bit but I managed.

We are constantly being asked, by friends and family in Canada, what we find to do down here. So here is a typical week. This doesn’t include grocery shopping, time learning Spanish, writing blogs and generally sitting around doing nothing. Oh, and drinking wine.


We saw Cathy and Al off by taxi to catch their bus to PV. Relaxed for the rest of the day and entertained Bill and Connie who dropped by. We were invited out to dinner this evening but chose not to go.


We went shopping uptown to get stuff ready for dinner tonight at Mike and Faye’s place. We were joined by Bill and Connie and had a really nice evening. I missed the Leafs game but I’m so loyal to anyone who wants to give me a free meal.


More of a relaxing day today. Mike and Pat dropped by and we had yet another good visit.


It’s market day so we had to go to that and get supplies for me to make jalapeno poppers for tonight’s party. There was an invitation to Dave and Roz’s house, we really wanted to go to that one, to meet more people and refresh acquaintances. The music was terrific as usual. One guy limped up to the mike with his autoharp. He can’t play the guitar anymore because of arthritis, so he learned the autoharp. Arthritis doesn’t stop him; he just keeps trucking along.

Mike was nice enough to drive us home so we didn’t have to scramble for a taxi. I missed another Leafs game but a guy from Ontario and I kept up with the scores together on our phones.


George, a guy from Liverpool whom we had never met before, had phoned and wanted to meet up with us to talk about our Brit pensions. We met him and his wife Sue at the local coffee shop. We had a nice visit with them and agreed to go on a plantation tour with them next week.


Another new friend, Denise, dropped by to show Rosalie how to make salad rolls. I sat and let them get on with it but agreed to be the chief taster. I wanted to supervise but seeing they both had sharp knives, I backed off. The rolls were great. Now I want to learn how to make them and put in my own peculiar ingredients. This evening we were invited to Mike and Pat’s house in Barra for a lamb dinner. Jim and Ylda were also there and a few stories were told, a great time was had.

One of Pat’s famous mango Margaritas

Jim, Ylda, Rosalie and I caught a taxi back to Melaque. I gave the driver directions in impeccable Spanish and only got us lost twice. I didn’t miss any Leaf games as there weren’t any.


Rosalie’s sister Suzanne and her hubby Vic arrive today so once more up to town for supplies. When we got back I hopped on the bike and went back, to get, yet more wine. I made my special jalapenos with big shrimp and cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon.

As I was writing this, Bill, Connie, Mike and Faye dropped in. Mike and Faye left after a few minutes but Bill and Connie stayed for a glass of wine. Mike and Faye may come back later on.

Vic and Suzanne arrived safely and we had them to dinner. They brought with them that elusive iPhone, so Rosalie is happy. I drank a few too many tequilas and we had a nice evening. I missed yet another Leafs game. They won all three, so there is that.

Me, at the end of the week.


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