What the heck! it’s raining! It hardly ever rains here, What to do, we have no rain gear and the temperature dropped to 27C. I think it’s because we were going to mock you guys and your snow. Karma, as follows:

Us, enjoying the sun you’re not getting.

At least the hammock is undercover so I can have a nap later. I may need a blanky though, it is a bit chilly. They just announced that the fashion show Rosalie was going to tomorrow has been cancelled due to rain. Oh well! There go my few hours of freedom.

I feel a bit bedraggled.

To amuse myself, if you can call it that, during this wet and turbulent time,  I have been setting up Rosalie’s new iPhone. Once I finished with it I nervously handed it to the boss and my problems began. “Chris! This won’t work. Chris! That won’t work. How do I turn it on? Where is it?” The questions are endless.

Rosalie is a very intelligent woman until she touches anything electronic. Then she becomes a Neanderthal in the first degree. It’s fun though to see her face light up when she discovers things like face recognition and wireless charging.

When Rosalie looks at me like this and asks for help, how can I refuse?

When most of it is working okay, I say most, because the drama never really ends, Rosalie is happy with a big smile on her face. I, on the other hand, I am a snivelling wreck and need a shot of tequila to calm me down.

The main thing we have to set up is her library accounts. She has been using ‘Overdrive’ but now it wants her to use ‘Libby’ so now I have to set this up. I know little about ‘Overdrive and nothing about ‘Libby’. I finally got it sorted out and just needed to sync her phone with her iPad. After more confusion and not a little cursing, I got it figured out and pressed the button to generate a sync code… Nothing! The internet was down. Probably some water in the Frizzle box. Or maybe they ran out of steam and had to send out for some. Who knows?

Of course, I have been typing away but have no way of saving as the blog is saved online. Oy vay! as Peter would say. I will keep typing and hope for the best. It all turned out Okay or you wouldn’t be reading this.

There I go, making fun of Rosalie again. But she’s a great sport and laughs as hard as I do at all this nonsense. I didn’t intend to write a blog today, just make a few notes and stuff but my fingers got away on me and here we are. We do have to keep ourselves amused as apparently, we have nothing else to do down here anyway.


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