This blog is a little late as I have a cold and no energy.

When we left the copper foundry we were walking back to the bus minding our own business when we spotted a few people from our tour in a small brewery. We decided to stop and share a beer until we found out that one of the beers had CBD in it. Now we had to have one each. They were good and helped with the aches and pains from climbing the mountain two days ago.

There were a number of stills on display in a few of the stores but Rosalie wouldn’t let me get one.

They say that copper has a lot of beneficial health properties, Some are based on scientific studies and I’m sure some are a myth. So, I Googled it and found that although copper is essential to our diet, there is no evidence that wearing it as Jewelry helps. I’m going to wear mine anyway as I hear that it helps to fend off werewolves.  

At lunchtime, we went back to the hotel. We wanted to get money from the ATM around the corner but there was a huge lineup even though there were about eight machines in there. In the middle of this crowd, there was a lady calmly mopping the floor.

The trip back to the bus was by a Colectivo. Dan and Roberto were unable to get close to the hotel for once. Colectivos are a cross between a bus and a taxi. Ours held about fifteen people. It was a bit cozy but another a new experience.

That afternoon, we went to Tzintzuntzan. It’s better if you break it up “Tzin-tzun-tzan” The Z’s are pronounced as S.  It means “The place of the hummingbirds,” although we didn’t see any. There are ancient ruins there (not just the people from the bus) and some have been restored. (Again not the people from the bus. Most of us are unrestorable.)

The parts that have been restored have small rocks inserted to show that it is a renovation and not the original. On the way in we saw an albino squirrel. Probably another one of Alan’s Mexican relatives.

After that tour, we went to the local town to see two graveyards featured in ”Coco” a movie about the day of the dead.

Because it was Valentine’s Day the hotel laid on a special meal with entertainment by some of the local natives. The video doesn’t do it justice. The dances had boards attached to their shoes and the noise was deafening Another great day.

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