With the pending sale of our condo, we decided to buy a car here. For one thing, we will be out in the boonies next year, and for another, my hip is getting worse and it’s painful to walk too far. Also, there are a lot of places we want to go and see. Using it to pick up groceries and friends and family from the airport is also a nice option.

We have seen a few that we liked.

                  Rosalie wanted this one, it was okay but I didn’t like the colour.
                                  I wanted this one but Rosalie doesn’t like to be tickled.
             We both fell in love with this one but fortunately, it was sold.

Crazy Cactus, the place where we have rented cars from before, always has a few for sale at reasonable prices.  Our only two requirements were air conditioning and automatic.  Tracye (that is the correct spelling) who owns the place buys them used and spends a lot of money making sure they are roadworthy. Her cars are all licensed Colima so we would have to get it re-plated here in Jalisco. There is a Mexican taxi driver who would help for a small fee. His name is Eddie.

We went to see Tracye again and she had a nice Nissan Sentra. It was a 2006 and had 155,000 km on it. It was in really good shape and she was still using it as a rental. It wasn’t white but we can deal with that. I have brushes???

So we bought and paid for the car, for 67,000 pesos (about $4,750)  Tracye “loaned” us the car for the next week to give us time to see Eddie and get everything finalized and for us to get our own insurance.


We finally settled on this one.

The first thing we did was take it for a ride to Pinal Villa where we will be staying next year. On our way out through Jaluco,  we stopped at a taco stand for lunch. We had two small tacos apiece but no drink. They were great as well as filling with the bill coming in at 28 pesos ($2) for both. Our new favourite taco stand.

Click on a photo to see it enlarged.

I wanted to find out if we can turn right on red in Mexico. So I had a conversation with Google about it. The first post said it was definitely illegal to do so. The second post said it was legal to do so. The third post said it depended on what part of Mexico you are in. I still have no idea what is right so I just do what the locals do. Apparently,  it’s also okay to make up your own rules anyway.

Now we have to register it.


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