Noise and Quiet

Mexico can be a very noisy place. Our neighbour, Ivan, likes to park his truck outside and turn up the music so loud that we have to go inside and close all the windows and doors. The music is very good Mexican music but a tad loud. He did this today while we were having a quiet time on the patio. It is his country so we have little room for complaint.

I had had enough and got innovative. After about five minutes I turned on our car alarm which was parked right outside. It beeped twice and the volume of the music went down. I hoped that he thought that his music had triggered the alarm. We chuckled and carried on reading our books.

A few minutes later the volume went up again. I waited a while and then pressed the panic button again. This time the darn thing stuck and I had trouble turning it off so it sounded for about a minute. The music finally stopped, Ivan got into his truck and drove away. A minor victory for us with no confrontation. Canada 1 Mexico 0.

As I said earlier, we are self-isolating. However, we do get cabin fever so we went uptown and visited one of our favourite restaurants on the beach, ‘Buganbilia’. Centro was really quiet without all the tourists. There are not a lot of people out so social distancing is easy. Besides nobody wants to talk to us anyway.

We were sitting on the beach having lunch and a margarita and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Our waiter today was Ramon. We had quite the conversation about the craziness up North and we agree that if Nortenos get a cough they run to the hospital to see if it’s Covid 19. Whereas Mexicans go home take a few shots of tequila and wait it out. I stand by what I said in the previous blog, even though this is a serious virus I think we are way overreacting. Anyway, enough of my opinions.

As there are so few Canadians left we tend to talk to a lot of people who are leaving this weekend, Rosalie’s sisters among them. Most of the people we speak to would rather stay but are afraid that they may not get a flight, so they’re going. Fortunately,  we don’t have that problem as we have our Residente Temporal and can stay as long as we want.


Rosalie, in a pressure situation with her sisters, called our new landlord and asked if we could move in this weekend. She decided that we need to self isolate even more. (???) So in the next few days, we will be moving to our new digs.  An update will be forthcoming.

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