Pinal Villa

The move to Pinal Villa has happened at last. We brought our date forward so we could stow our stuff ready for next year when we come back.

We picked up the keys for our new digs at noon. There was a bit of apprehensive about our expectations.  We hadn’t seen the place for several months and thought we may have been inflating its appeal.  We weren’t disappointed

One look at the place again and we knew we had made the right decision to move here. It’s out in the country so that’s why we have a car. If we have to isolate ourselves this is the place to be. Taking a walk around the place today we found mangos, papayas, breadfruit and of course coconuts. At least we won’t go hungry.

The first thing we did after unloading the car was to go for a dip in the pool. Deliciously cool as it’s starting to get warm again here.

The house has only one large bedroom and a large living room. Our biggest problem is that the place is really for tourists so there is little space to store stuff. We will have to go and buy something to serve as a pantry. Also, the counter space is small so we are looking into ways to overcome that.

There is no air conditioning. Neither of us likes it very much anyway. There is a large fan directly over our bed so that keeps us nice and comfy in the night. There are ceiling fans all over the place if we need them. If it gets too hot during the day there is always the pool.

Our main living area is outside on the patio and we spend most of the day there. We also have a couple of floor fans there as well, so we don’t melt too much. We also get a nice breeze in the afternoon which helps. The one problem we have is that as the sun sets it’s right in our eyes so we have to get a sunshade for that. I can hear several people saying “poor babies”.

There is a 3-metre wall surrounding the property so if this virus turns into a zombie apocalypse we would still be okay.

Omar, Rosalie’s pool boy, comes in on a regular basis and cuts the grass as well as maintaining the pool and other odd jobs. When we first met him he said he was a little sick so kept our distance.

One thing we like about it here is that the high walls seem to keep the dust down. That and the fact that we aren’t on the main street sure helps. Our car would get covered in dust in a few days and we would have to take it to get washed. I also find with the dust I cough a lot. Not a good thing in today’s environment, since we’ve been here though, it seems to have eased off.

It’s a lot quieter here…so far. We were used to all kinds of noise at the last location trucks hurtling by, load music parades at all times of the day. Here it’s noisy in the distance and mostly animals. There are lots of animals. On our way here today, we encountered a young bull who had escaped from somewhere. He was happily bouncing up the road and having a great old time. He seemed to match our mood.

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