Hammock problems

I was laying in the hammock a while back when I felt more than heard a string break. I checked it out and found that the sharp edges on the stretcher bar were wearing out the support strings.

I wasn’t happy with the thought of something giving way and my head smacking on the tile floor. I’m sure the image of this brings a smile to a few faces.  I was prepared to toss it out but our friend Valerie, who was staying with us at the time, suggested that it could be repaired. Needing something to do, I agreed. But first I had to get the guilty look off of my face as the local guy at the market tried to sell me another one.

First I needed some cord so off to the hardware store I went. I told the gentleman what I wanted and he brought out a huge roll of the stuff. Not planning ahead, I had no idea how much I wanted so I told him one hundred metres. He looked at the roll looked at me and said that he was not sure if there was enough on the roll.

I asked how much for the roll and he did a quick calculation and said 110 pesos, about seven bucks. I took it. When I got home I looked at the bottom of the roll and it was clearly marked 75 metres. After a quick calculate I found out that he had charged the exact correct amount. Who’d a knew? Mexicans are mostly so honest.

The next part was tricky. I had to calculate the various lengths of the strings. Having done this, I cut the strings to their correct sizes and started in with my best string tying techniques.

I knotted all the pieces together only to find that I had left out a pair of strings in one set. I had to unpick it and start again. It’s lucky that I have nothing but time here. By the way, I only used about twenty metres of cord.

What to do about the sharp edges on the stretcher bar? I didn’t have the necessary tools so went to the obvious place, Elaine our neighbour. She has a far move extensive tool kit than me, I’m embarrassed to say. I borrowed a drill set and used the half-inch bit to round the edges. So far not bad.

When I finally finished I thought that Rosalie would be happy to try it out. She wasn’t! I was a bit disappointed but could see her point. She’s such a wussy. At worst she would have only got a bit of a headache. So, I decided to be the hero and slowly lowered myself into it and after a few hicks, bumps, burps and farts it settled down. I still didn’t trust it though. I think it’s just waiting for the right moment to test out how hard my noggin is.

At first, it took a bit of an adjustment time as the cords kept stretching and had to be readjusted. I’m writing this four months later and the darn thing is still hanging in there. Did you get it hanging in there?  Not one of my best but it is hot here and my brain’s not working right.

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