Skinny Dipping

Yes, that’s what I said. “Skinny dipping”

We were getting into the pool the other day when I noticed that nobody could see us. Yipee, off with the swimsuits and go commando. How freeing! It’s amazing what we found that could float that we hadn’t thought of before.

Once we got out, we could walk back to the casa ‘au naturel’. We don’t do that though, as we have to maintain some sense of decorum.  We do have to watch out for mossies though as they have no idea what they are biting into.

Yuck! you might say. How gross, two old farts getting naked and cavorting in the pool. Hey! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. What’s the difference between being naked in the bedroom to being naked in the pool? Besides, we are getting a nice overall tan, you don’t get that in the bedroom.

On a more serious note: we got all the paperwork for the condo sale today. We had a problem with this as the local notaries wanted everything translated to Spanish, a very expensive proposition. However, our fantastic notary in Nanaimo found a way around this and everything is now on track.

We had to go to a computer outlet to get our docs printed and then back again after signing to get them scanned. After we sent them back via email we had to send some info to Peter (remember him) as he was helping us out. It only took about five attempts before I managed to get them to him.

While we were in the computer place we noticed that every time they touched the money they used sanitizer. The Mexicans are taking this whole thing seriously and so are we.

Our pool boy Omar and our cleaner, Rubi are happy as we have given them at least one more month of work. It’s important because as soon as the Nortenos have left, the place is like a ghost town and a lot of people are out of work.

They say that one of the best ways of combating the virus is to sip some sort of liquid every ten minutes to wash the virus away. My choices are tequila and wine. Rosalie not so much so I’ve decided to stay clear of her for a while just in case. Regardless of the skinny dipping.

Omar has been under the weather for the last few days but he showed up today and did his chores with the pool and set up the sprinklers for the lawn.    Then he went home. Several hours later we realized that the sprinklers were still on. I turned them off and decided to give Omar a good British thrashing next time I saw him. Yea, as if!

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