Ben Trovato and other stuff

I not only write a blog but subscribe to others. My favourite is Ben Trovato.
He writes from South Africa and is as eloquent and funny as I can only hope to be.
As he is in S.A. a lot of what he writes is about things, politics and people I don’t know. He is still, however, very funny and entertaining. You can read his blog at this link

I’ve noticed that my blog is being read by a lot more people lately. I put this down to the boredom of being locked in at home.  I think people get bored with reading the instructions on the back of all those hoarded toilet roll packages and turn to the blog in desperation.

Michelle asked if we miss our rooster in this location. Well, we do get a dawn chorus of roosters trying to outdo the local dogs. Fortunately for us, it’s all in the distance and not a problem. We have a lot of birds here. and they can be noisy, especially in the morning, but are comforting at the same time.

Mike warned us that we would have more mosquitos here and he was right. We just keep ourselves sprayed with bug juice and light the mossie coils and that mostly takes care of the problem. It only seems to be for a while in the evening anyway.

We just got a notice from Expedia that our flight home has been canceled. I took a brief look for other flights and found none. It looks like we are here for the duration. Not a bad place to be stuck.

Update!! I took another look and was able to book a flight on 22nd April with WestJet. We think the intercity buses may not be running so we may have to hire a taxi. There are also a few other options we’re looking into.

Our biggest challenge is getting home from the airport in Comox. So with the help of good friends Art and Linda, we have a plan. We will re-insure the car online and they will pick up the papers. Then, they will take the car to Comox and hide the keys somewhere so that when we get in at midnight we will have transportation.

This all sounds very clandestine. As I’m reading John la Carre’s biography it only adds to the feeling. Maybe I should have them leave a chalk mark somewhere that we can go to a dropbox and find instructions for the keys. (We have to get out of here my mind’s going silly.)

We have a new neighbour in the ranch. Garry and Pattie (last name same as ours but no relation). They were staying in the same location as Rosalie’s sisters. When everybody else went home they were by themselves. The owners of the place brought their kids and all their grandkids, as well as another family to the place. Apparently, the noise was horrendous and continued until late at night.

They contacted us and we made arrangements with Raquel the owner of the ranch for them to stay in the other bungalow for the next three weeks. We took the car and picked them up today. So ends our bout of skinny dipping as they are on the same flight back as us. 


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