We’s bad?

We are still being bombarded by information about the covid 19 virus. All are well-meaning but some are on the lines of the ‘sky is falling in’ and some are contradictory, a few completely erroneous.

There is Canadian news down here, you’ve probably heard of the internet. We probably get the same news that you do. This is Mexico, not the moon. So we are ignoring everything else and making up our own minds. Rosalie has been scared more than once by somebody sending false information. When we check it out we find it’s nonsense.

For instance, we were told that all air passengers going into Canada had to be quarantined for two weeks in a hotel. This turned out to be untrue. Anyone with symptoms yes. That we can understand.

As for local conditions: most locals are being cautious. We often see people use sanitizers after handling money and there are dispensers in the banks. although the government has been slow to act, the general population hasn’t. We don’t see nearly as many people on the street as usual. We’re coming up to Easter and Mexican tourists might be starting to come into town. We’ll have to see how that pans out.

Our home here is out of town and we go out as little as possible, especially now. There are no cases locally at the moment. Despite what some people say, fresh air, sunshine and higher temperatures are some of the better deterrents and we have that in abundance where we are.

We are aware that this could spread to our area and we are taking all precautions. There has been criticism that “we would be taking a hospital bed away from a local Mexican.” From what we have read, not everybody ends up in hospital anyway, as well as the fact we have no symptoms and are both very healthy. Also, we contribute thousands of dollars a year to the local economy. By staying another month we have helped to feed several families as well as helping out the local shop keepers with our purchases.

As an instance; we have a washing machine but decided to take our laundry into town so that Cuca, our favourite laundress, would still get some income. Every little helps.

We have been bombarded with criticism, ‘useful hints’, fake news, appeals to come home and occasionally good information. As I said earlier “we aren’t on the moon”, just a few thousand kilometers away and from our point of view, have less chance of catching it than you do. Of course, this thinking could be wrong but we are entitled to our opinions too.

So, thank you to all those people who are supporting us and sending positive comments. Most of the info we get is well-meant but we have to make our own decisions, as you do. We are living here and see it from a different perspective, so please think twice before criticizing us.

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