Total confusion

Two days ago we booked our flights home on West Jet for the 22nd April. Today we found out that they are likely canceled. We didn’t get a formal notification from west Jet but found out on Facebook.

I checked our itinerary and only found the flight from Calgary to Comox on there. Okay, so now I have to cancel the trip and start again in May. When I finally did manage to cancel,  it appears that only the flight from Calgary to Comox was credited. Now I’m a bit pissed off.

Later in the day, we found out, again on Facebook, that someone had been able to talk to the airline and had been advised to wait as their flight may still go. As I said “total confusion” As of now we have no flight from Calgary to Comox and maybe a flight from PV to Calgary.

I’m confused


We got an official cancellation notice late last night. When I got on WestJet’s site today I managed to go through the process and re-booked our flight for 6th May. It was really quite easy and now we have to wait to see if it’s real. Interestingly, when I did seat selection, they were all selected with a space between each seat. So it looks as though the plane will be half empty. I think that’s why they cancelled the last flight as that seating arrangement had every seat full.

So we may see you in a while, plus two weeks.

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