I don’t like to get involved with politics but have to say a few things about the so-called leader of the free world south of us. Because our future depends on some of the decisions he makes.

After being elected by the Russians who must be rolling on the ground laughing, this person continues to baffle the rest of the world. Foreign leaders have no idea how to deal with a person who acts like and has the mentality of a five-year-old.

Donald Trump has no moral compass. In fact, he has no compass what so ever. He has no idea Where he is, How he got here, Where he’s going or What he will do when he gets there.

His ‘advisors’ are afraid to try to lead him into any direction but his own as they know he will get into a hissy fit, stamp his feet and start bad mouthing them on twitter. Which may not be all bad as he can’t spell anyway. He may have called someone stooped instead of stupid, which isn’t quite as bad, as being older has its benefits.

I know that a lot of people think he’s the greatest thing since sliced salami and they are of course entitled to their opinions. But so am I. We know of several people who are “Trumpers” and they are entitled to support whoever they want. However, I’m fed up tiptoeing around these people and trying not to offend them. I wouldn’t try to change their mind as I know they’re as entrenched in their opinion as I am.

I think that Trump may say one thing out of many that resonates with a person, then, that person jumps on board because it’s personal to him or her.  If one of our politicians said he was going to raise our pensions by 50 %, I would be on board immediately. But perhaps I should stop and look at all the other things this guy is saying. Is he going to make cuts to lower-income families or cuts to the health care system to pay to get a few more votes from seniors? Will he still have a security service who can work with him?  Will other countries still respect and work with him?  We do, but shouldn’t, look at this on a personal basis. We need to look at the whole picture and do some serious thinking.

We watched Michael Moore’s documentary 11/9 (not 9/11) and I have just finished reading ‘Fear’ by Bob Woodward. If this isn’t enough to scare the crap out of anybody then I don’t know what is. But not to worry, it’s all fake news anyway. Even Bob Woodward, famous for the Watergate expose’ is only a second rate hack reporter. (according to…) This contributed to the downfall of the Washington Post by earning it the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. (Just a hint of sarcasm.)

Trump likes to tell a few porky pies (lies) too. Over 16,000 so far. But of course, that’s not true, it’s all concocted by the Democrats and the media. Nothing is his fault and as the true narcissist he is, he doesn’t have the courage to admit when he’s wrong. But then, of course, he never is.

I can only hope that the educated people who mistakenly voted for him last election wake up and see the damage he’s doing. More importantly, I hope they get out there and vote.

America is a beautiful country and most people are great. I don’t agree with a lot of the things about the states, but I’m sure they feel the same about Canada or England. However, they have the greatest opportunity to make positive changes in the world, and I hope they do. But they can’t do it with that fool in power.

End of rant. On to more fun stuff.

One thought on “TRUMP”

  1. We all need to have our rant somedays – I totally agree with you re: the man South of us., Hugs

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