The community is starting to come together down here. The beaches are closed to any gatherings but you can still take a walk with your partner if you want to. It’s going to be devastating for local merchants over Easter.

A speaker van came by today telling everyone to say home. some of them have to work though, but I think most will obey.

Someone has started to collect money for food for the poorer Mexicans who are suddenly out of a job. We donated and so have a lot of other Canadians and Americans; those of us who are left here anyway. They are going around all the local communities handing out bags of groceries. They have a list supplied by the local municipalities so that only those in need get the food.

Someone stole our ripe Papaya from the tree. I bet it was Omar. He’s in for yet another thrashing. He just doesn’t learn. (Omar’s a great guy. Chris wants to flex his one muscle to make himself feel better. -Rosalie).

Me and Omar just before I gave him his thrashing.

We are visited by a lot of geckos, I suppose, as supplies get shorter, they will start to look tastier. I’ve been feeding them flies to fatten them up a bit. We also have to make friends with them so that they don’t shed their tail as I’ve heard that that is the tastiest bit. Oh, look! a squirrel.

Can’t you tell by this drivel that I’m getting bored?

Needing exercise I tried jogging around the inside of the compound. I soon gave that up as I was spilling too much wine.

But seriously: (I will try) We are doing just fine. We take a slow approach to the morning. Up at seven, make tea, sit on the patio trying to read the news. Anything but the virus. Eventually, one of us breaks down and goes for a shower. Followed reluctantly by the other one.

In the afternoon we get in the pool for a dip to cool off. And have a chat with the neighbours who are as bored as we are.

As the day goes on we sit and read our books and sip some wine. One of us may get into the hammock and have a snooze. Omar likes to come out at about this time and start the lawnmower or turn on the sprinklers. I swear he does it on purpose just to annoy us. I think Omar is my new rooster.

We have a long and serious discussion about what we are having for dinner. After dinner, we sit and chat until the mossies come out to annoy us and we go inside to watch Nexflix or Amazon Prime.

As soon as one or sometimes both of us fall asleep we got to bed. Then we look at the clock and say Oh, god it’s only nine-thirty.

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