Here we go again!

It looks as though our flight has been canceled again. Not really surprised. I’m sure the airlines are hurting but they are sure ripping of the passengers.

We had two legs of our journey on the last flight: P.V. to Calgary and Calgary to Comox. However, they only canceled the P.V. to Calgary part. I canceled the rest of the trip and had to pay $1oo plus for doing so. I’m sure that’s going to happen again with this cancellation. Rip off!

We have since tried to rebook with another airline. The cheapest we could get to Vancouver was $2,000 each if we wan to go in May. We have so far declined. We will probably have to book again for June sometime but are waiting for confirmation of our 6th May cancelation.

We considered driving but we can’t find any other way than through the USA. We hear that they have a few cases there. We have no idea if the hotels and restaurants or gas stations are open, so decided not to risk it.

As I’m writing this Rosalie is checking flights to get us home. It looks as though we will have to wait until early June with Transat for a lesser price.  Or we can go with Aero Mexico via Mexico city. At least they give cash refunds and not vouchers.

Update soon!

2 thoughts on “Here we go again!”

  1. Hi guys. You might want to book a return trip rather than a one way. We have friends in Cabo who are in the same spot. They can book a return trip for $600 leaving Cabo now and returning in Nov. Good luck




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