Although we haven’t got an official notification it looks as though our flight has been canceled. Westjet’s site won’t tell us so we have to rely on rumors. Some people on Facebook have said that they called and had to rebook for June.

We decided to rebook through Aero Mexico. We had our flight picked out and I was in the middle of entering my MC information when Rosalie saw that someone said that Aero Mexico had canceled all flights. Now we’re getting stressed.

There is so much false information flying around here on Facebook that it’s hard to believe anything. We were getting so stressed that we had to take a step back, a huge breath an even bigger drink. We decided that It will be fine if we have to stay here for another month or two. We feel perfectly safe and are not unduly worried. However, we will continue to try to get a flight.

The other problem is that we are already on the hook for two flights so don’t want to book a third until we get official confirmation of cancelation. We tried to book our current flight through Expedia because we have a credit from our first cancelation. But, we can only redeem it by calling them. (?) We tried, we gave up and decided to fight it out later or use it when we come back this fall.

The governors of Jalisco and Michoacan have announced that nobody is allowed out except for essentials. It is also mandatory for everyone to wear a mask outside. There was a rumour that anyone over the age of sixty had to stay home at all costs.

We went out for a walk around the village tonight. I’m still amazed at how friendly everyone is. Always willing to stop and talk and joke with us. The little kids seem to find us interesting and always say Adios to us as we pass. We love it here and if we have to stay longer, then so be it.

As of 8pm, we still haven’t heard from WestJet.


2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hi guys We have been following your blog with interest, We have friends in Cabo in somewhat the same situation as yourselves. They are looking at getting a flight home. They found if you book a return flight (they would return to Cabo in Nov) they can get it for $600. Seems the one way is the killer Just something to think about. Claude and i made it home from Puerto Vallarta in mid March. That was a strange trip! No service and everyone gowned and gloved. We spent the night in Vancouver before heading back to the island and it was eerie. Yaletown was completely shut down and deserted, Keep safe


  2. Not fun at all …..but like you said, if you’re stuck it’s not a bad place to be stuck in but I’m sure at this point, you would like to have all these flights settled somehow and just get to your Canadian home, good luck, hugs, Michelle

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