Last night we had a great Zoom conversation with Gordie and Janice. It was good to catch up. This evening we have another conference with a few more friends, so looking forward to that.

8 am today

We finally got an email cancelling our flight. But that’s all. No credit! Nothing!

I tried to go on to our WestJet account to cancel the flight ourselves but it doesn’t want to work. We don’t want to be left with another credit so we’re waiting to see when the site opens up.

As a matter of interest, they did autofill a new flight for us. This one would cost us $300 more so we are holding out for now. If we have to pay the extra we will, but not until we get our credit from the cancellation.

10:30 am

As we are staying at least another month we went to see Raquel and paid our rent. (Which we’re going to try to claim back from West Jet. Good luck with that!) She is fine with us staying another month, in fact, she’s going to buy us a ‘mattress’ for our lounge chair. I usually sit in it but once it gets comfortable I may as well forget that idea.

11:30 am

While we were out we visited Gerry and Elaine. They are by themselves so we like to stop by and give them company once in a while. We only visit people who have been self-isolating and also keep two metres of separation.

Yesterday we went and bought some masks from a local lady, Alexa,  who makes them. We bought three each. They have a special filter in the layers so we know they’re good. We do have to make a few modifications though as they are a bit uncomfortable. Mine, for instance, are way too loose. Rosalie suggested that I staple them to my ears. I’ll have to think about that one.

Rosalie says she prefers me this way. I do bump into a lot of things though.

2 pm

As I was writing we heard that flights to Vancouver to Comox have been cancelled. So, even if we get to Vancouver we have no way of getting home as we won’t be allowed on the ferries. We are NOT going to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks. It looks more like it would be best to just sit here and wait it out. I think we are as safe here, in fact probably safer than in Canada.

2:30 pm

An update to the previous paragraph. I have been in touch with WestJet via text. They gave us our credit and also advised that although flights are cut back they are still flying to the island. So we decided to book again for 6th June. If that doesn’t work out we will keep trying until it does, providing they keep giving a credit. I do notice that every time we rebook it costs us extra money.

As you can see, it’s total chaos in the flight industry. Another problem is that both our MasterCards are expired as of next month. Rosalie called and they are couriering new ones to us here. Fortunately, we have a Visa with a small limit which Rosalie is, as I type, trying to extend the limit.

As Peter would say “Oy vey!!”

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