Indigenous folk

Omar, Rosalie’s pool guy and someone I like to thrash on a regular basis, told us that there was an indigenous migrant worker family who wasn’t getting any aid from the various food charity outlets.

We decided to do something about it with Omar’s help. Rosalie scrounged together a bunch of stuff that we didn’t need and gave it to Omar along with some extra money. The neighbours also chipped in some cash and we sent Omar on a shopping spree. By this time we found out that there were two families in need.

Omar went on his merry way and we went back to doing nothing. Eventually, he arrived back and told us that he had supplied one family but the other had gone missing. Off he went again in search of either that family or someone else who was in need.

He eventually found the original family and came back with a huge grin on his face and thanked us profusely. He seemed as happy as we were that he could help. He produced receipts for everything he’d paid for and even had some change for us which we told him to keep.

We’ll do this every week, but that’s fine, we have way more than they do and it makes us feel good to help. Besides we can’t bear the thought of kids going hungry.

One day he came and told us that we had fed twenty people in the family. We will be upping our contribution next time round.

We have been contributing every week to people here whom we know are helping with food packages and we also give to the local soup kitchen. From what we have seen of the support here, hopefully, no one will go hungry.


People who visit here have been sending money down and every dollar is appreciated. If anyone would like to make a contribution just E transfer to Rosalie at If you don’t know how to E transfer just send Rosalie an IOU and we will cover it until we get home.

Yesterday, Omar said he was going to give us a coconut to make a coco loco. It involves a lot of vodka so it should be good. He did say it would arrive on Mexican time so we may have to wait a while.

One thought on “Indigenous folk”

  1. So nice of you to help the less fortunate – you two are very generous and giving and I’m sure it’s very much appreciated., good on you !!

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