These blogs are going to get shorter because we aren’t able to do anything exciting and I’m getting boring.

Rosalie took me for my evening walkies today. We wore our masks, although not all the way on as they tend to get hot. They were tied to our heads though and ready for any sneaky Covid 19 attack. We also maintained the two-metre rule and walked well apart.

As we turned the corner we noticed a police van and several officers accompanying it. We quickly pulled on our masks and casually walked by whistling innocently. They didn’t stop us though. I noticed that several of the cops carried large bags of footballs (soccer balls to the Americans). I asked if they were for me but was politely declined.

They were giving them out to all the kids in the village and everywhere you looked there was a kid with a ball under his or her arm. Awesome!

The donation that was made to the indigenous family was so great by their standards that they decided to buy four chickens for the BBQ  and invite the whole village. Again, awesome! You can’t help but love these people. Even though they don’t have enough for themselves they still help others.

There are a lot of these beautiful trees around but we don’t know their name. 

I spent part of the day trying to get the neighbours WiFi working. They are just too far away to get a signal from us. I had just bought an extender but it kept quitting on us. I was ready to throw it in the garbage when I had the idea that it might be the place I plugged it in. I got our 20-foot extension cord to move it a bit closer to them. Then I used a different plug and behold and lo it works fine. We are going to try and extend the range by adding another 20-foot cord. But that’s for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Walkies”

  1. Keep your blog coming, love to hear from you – also, since you sleep together you shouldn’t have to walk the 2 metres apart…..just sayin’ – hugs

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