Coco Loco

Omar mentioned a while back that he would make us a Coco Loco. A coconut filled with booze. I asked on several occasions where our coco loco was, but he kept sluffing us off.

We were sitting minding our own business enjoying some quiet time (all day) when I heard: Thump, Thump, Thump. Okay, now what’s he up to! Maybe I’ll have to reinstate the trashings for disturbing us.

We walked onto the lawn and there was Omar at the top of a ladder hacking at the coconuts with a machete. He was bringing them down by the bunch.

After a while, he arrived with five coconuts followed by Garry and Patti. The nuts he used where East Indian and were yellow where the local ones are green. Rosalie saw the potential fun in this and was all of a tremble and rushed in to get the necessary ingredients: Vodka, limes, salt, sugar and mint.

Omar took off and we didn’t hear from him for a while. He was working around the yard finishing up his chores for the day. We razzed him until he finally went home, got changed and came back to do the deed.

He cut out the tops of the Coconuts and poured the coconut water into a jug. The traditional way is to drink from the nut with straws but we didn’t have any. And we were also out of little umbrellas. He added all the ingredients plus a few pieces of coconut meat and poured it for us.

Rosalie and I were a little apprehensive as John, Peter and I had tried making this ourselves some years back and it was hardly palatable but very memorable. As it turned out this one wasn’t too bad. Omar said to not use too much Vodka but that went by the board as we all, including Omar, topped up.

My back’s been acting up so I had taken one drop of CBD oil earlier in the day so before long I was abuzz. As the afternoon wore on we were all telling tales and with Rosalie acting as interpreter, Omar joined in and we all had a great time.

Omar speaks Spanish very precisely and slowly so I can have a little conversation with him. Rosalie thinks it’s great as she can have a good conversation with him. It’s interesting, as sometimes I can step in and help her if she can’t dredge up the word she wants. Omar doesn’t speak English but understands quite a lot.

That was a great afternoon and definitely no more thrashings for Omar also my back wasn’t quite so painful anymore.


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