This and that

The other day I noticed Omar sneaking around the yard looking guilty. He had a net on a long pole and I think he was surreptitiously gathering mangos. He suddenly ducked down and called to Rosalie. He could see me but can’t remember my name. I told him it was ‘Mucho Importante Senor Wells’,  but he just doesn’t listen. I also said Chreeees but he didn’t get that either.

Anyway, Rosalie came running out but  I think she was confused with the interpretation as I think Omar was being chased by a herd of bees and she should have been heading indoors. Anyway, things soon died down and Omar brought us a bunch full of mangos. I know I use him as a foil for my sick humour but he’s really a nice guy and we like him a lot.

I’ve been whiling away my time trump-busting and conspiracy-mocking on Facebook. Notice I don’t use a capital ‘T’ as I don’t think he deserves it. I’m sure I’ve upset a lot of people but TOO BAD. I’m entitled to my opinion and I think everybody should speak out against the stupidity going on in the world right now, especialy south of our border.

It’s amazing how many people believe some of the crap that’s floating around out there. I even see more and more of the flat earth idiots coming out of the woodwork. If we start to believe half of these people we are surely doomed. I think we are anyway and I’m a very positive person as a rule.

End of rant!

We went for our weekly supply run today. As soon as we got to the store I started to panic. No white wine in the lovely little green tetra packs! After Rosalie calmed me down and stuck my thumb in my mouth, we went to a different store and I was able to stock up. Phew, for a minute there I thought I would have to go back to drinking red.

I’ve had some lower back pain problems lately. I’ve had them since I was a kid so nothing new. I asked rosalie to try some massage and pressure but I should have known better. She had a grin on her face as she realised that she could not only inflict more pain, but she could also get to touch stuff without permission and a written consent form.

I suffered through it and the white wine helped a lot.

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