Considering there’s nothing to do here, we sure have a fun life.

One morning Rosalie had to go and get her feet sorted out; you know the really important stuff, like a new design for her toenails. I dropped her off and went home to do a few chores.

She called me after a while and I went to pick her up. I decided to video some of the route while I was driving but found out after, that I had videoed the inside of the car and very little on the outside. Oh well, I’ll do it another time as it is an interesting drive.

We went to get our phones topped up at the Oxxo and had a word with Angel the manager. He said business is down and there are no cases of Covid 19 locally but he is taking precautions. He wipes down the counters and the door every two hours just in case. I think he would wipe down the customers too if he had a chance.

As we came back through Jaluco, we stopped for a taco at our favourite taco stand. We paid twenty-eight pesos ( about $1.66) for two tacos apiece. they were, as always, delicious. Some of the locals spoke to us in Spanish and asked where we were from. At first, Rosalie said Pinal Villa and then realised that they wanted to know if we were from Canada. That was the first meal we had out for about six weeks.

When we got back home, Omar presented us with a bag of mangos and one breadfruit (Jaca). We had a few mangos ripening on the table so we started in on those first. Boy, were they good, I had juice running down my arm and dripping off my elbow. I guess the fruit he had wasn’t for us after all as when he was gone so were the fruit. The next day though he brought the Jaca fruit back for us. Then today, Patti brought some of their share over as they had had enough.

We went for a swim to cool off as it’s starting to get warm here, 34 degrees. Later I was sitting on the patio and decided to play some AC/DC.

I got our Bluetooth speaker and started to blast away. It was awesome. Rosalie wanted to go back into the pool so I took the laptop and speaker over there so that she could still hear it. The neighbours could hear it but weren’t sure where it was coming from. But of course, Omar had to spoil it by getting out the ride on mower and starting it up to drown out the music. I think he likes that thing, he seems to spend a lot of time on it.

Rosalie told him my name again. He said he remembered but that she’s his favourite so that’s why he talks to her.

After the rooster at the old location, I now have a new nemesis. Every night I’m woken up by a single mosquito. I have no idea how she gets in. We make sure all the screens are closed and the door to the wash area is secured, but she still finds me. I took a can of Raid and a can of Off to bed last night. I had to place them well apart or else we would have had a small can of Roff. I sprayed liberally but still woke up with a  bite on my shoulder the next morning.

Our car is still at the garage. We may get it back later today, or not, who knows?

No! Didn’t get it back yet.


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