Trimming Our Bush

We have to get our bush trimmed. Well, it’s not exactly a bush but it thinks it is and acts like one.

It surrounds the patio and gives us privacy from prying neighbours. (Yes, you know who you are.) We need privacy because when we leave the pool we strip our swimsuits off and dry ourselves there. Thank goodness plants can’t speak or else they would all be saying UGHH! and turning away. I think they will be happy to be trimmed.

Our bush. Notice our bikinis drying on the rail.

I told Omar what we wanted but he ignores me and only talks to Rosalie. Too many thrashings I guess. He’s getting a bit complacent now that I’ve stopped them. Garry recommended a good flogging, and I’m starting to agree.

Omar is a neat guy but I do have some reservations about him. For instance, he gets our water for us and it seems that every second jug leeks. I don’t know if he’s encouraged by seeing me mop it up but he sure brings some crappy bottles. I woke up one morning and the leek was so bad I just swept the water out the door.  Now I set the jug outside and take the top off before bringing it into the house just to see if it leeks.

Raquel was here the other day and she says that she is going to keep a closer eye on him, to see if he’s doing his job well enough. Of course, we lie and say he’s doing a great job. She’s known him since he was a kid and there is obviously a great rapport there.

The ranch we are on used to host benefit parties for up to three hundred people.  The casa we are in used to be the horse barn back in the day. She told us the story of her son and Omar “borrowing” horses from here to ride into Jaluco. Like borrowing Dad’s car, Mexican style. Her son is now our dentist.

A couple who reside in Villa Obregon and whom we have become friends with, Ray and Tere (He’s Canadian, she’s Mexican) used to attend some of those parties and haven’t been here for twenty years. We are having them over this weekend so it will be interesting for them to see how the place has changed.

We were sitting talking to Patti the other day when we were surprised by a loud BOING! The bridge on my newly bought (but cheap) guitar had given way. I think the glue was weakened by the heat. I’m soon off to find some epoxy.

With nothing much to do, I have been spending more time on Facebook than I normally would. But I’m giving it up again. There is too much hate, conspiracy theory, people judging and general nut jobs on there that I don’t need it anymore.

I’m particularly pissed off with people who barely know us judging and criticizing us for not going home earlier than we are. Just because they were fortunate enough not to have their flights canceled four times. They can sit at home smug and be judgmental all they want, but quit posting it on Facebook. It’s none of your damn business anyway.

Rosalie was so incensed that she answered that particular post with one of her own castigating the guy. She must have been mad as she never normally does that sort of thing. I also blocked someone today for promoting hate and  Rosalie reported it to Facebook.

This doesn’t apply to anyone reading this so I don’t know why I’m bothering to write it.

End of rant. Grrrr!

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