Another one of those days

Well, almost.

We had taken the car to town  to get it looked at as it was running really rough. We had to hobble into the nearest repair shop as it was about to pass out for good. They told us it would take two hours. Two days later, they were still saying two more hours.

Finally, one afternoon, my phone rang and Juan said “I have to tell you something “UH OH! ” Your car is ready” I almost passed out from the excitement. Garry was a car salesman and I asked how much it would cost in Canada and he gave a rough estimate of between $400 and $600 Canadian. Gulp!

I asked Juan how much and he said they had to replace the fuel pump. I could see the dollars flying out the window.

With some trepidation, I asked, “What else?””Well,” he said. “We had to replace the sensor.” I almost told Rosalie to cancel our flight as we wouldn’t have enough money to fly home.

He then said there would be labour on top of that. I started to sweat. They had the car for two days the bill was going to be huge. I contemplated leaving it with them as payment.

Then I asked what the total was. “$2,420” he replied. It then dawned on me that pesos are written with a dollar sign also. After a quick dive into the currency convertor, it came to $142.89 Canadian. Hallelujah, we could almost afford that!  Now you can see why we own a car down here. Repairs are so inexpensive.

While we were waiting for the car, I tried to find the form online to change our address for the immigration people but with no luck. So later, when we were in town we stopped by to get them to try it again. They were closed! The following day we got the form printed out. We had four forms of nine pages each. Very costly, 38 pesos about $2.24. When we got back to INM. She said the info was right but on the wrong form. I now have the correct form but am afraid to submit in case it’s wrong again.

When we got home there were a couple of goats lounging by the front door. I immediately thought of BBQ then remembered the only time I tried goat I hated it.

My iCloud email password refuses to work so I went to my iCloud to change it. The problem is that I have two-step security and after I enter the iCloud password it sends a verification code to my email that, of course, I can’t access.


If anyone wants to contact me, use the old address. Unless I owe you money, then I don’t live here anymore.

Omar appears to have come up with another thing to annoy me. He’s set the sprinkler so that I get soaked as soon as I get into the hammock. I don’t mind it too much as it is somewhat refreshing in the heat. (It’s not true he doesn’t do it intentionally, Chris is an idiot: Rosalie)

With all these problems, Rosalie is constantly telling me to stop banging my head against the wall as I might damage the paintwork.


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