Party time

We were expecting Ray and Tere over for dinner so we got together with Garry and Patti to prepare something special. We decided to do a bunch of appies. I made jalapeno poppers, always popular. Pattie did ribs, guacamole and salsa, Rosalie made a chocolate cheese cake in her instant pot.

That afternoon someone mentioned cocos to Omar. Five minutes later we had three on the table and Garry and Pattie had the same. Only two had milk and the other one was for general eating. We decided to have a Coco Loco contest. Neither Garry nor I had ever made them before so we thought it would be fun.

They were both great so I won’t tell you who one the contest as I’m too modest.

The party went well. We started off at our place and then switched to Theirs. While at ours, Omar got up to his usual tricks. The sprinklers were on and splashing the patio again so I turned them down when Omar left. We didn’t notice him return and turn them up again, so Ray got a bit of a soaking as he was on that side of the patio.

When Ray and Tere left, the four of us ended up in the pool. The bats were getting a bit too close so I waved my noodle in the air to fend them off. They backed off enough for us to exit the pool and return home.

The following night invited Mike and Pat over as we might not see them until next season. Everything is in seasons now, not years or months. While talking to them we got the email saying we could quarantine at Spidey  provided we followed all quarantine rules. Yipeee! We had a great visit and after desert, we asked Garry and Patti over.

The flight is a Go, Raquel has okayed our storage plan and we now have a place to quarantine. It’s all looking good for this weekend.



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