A Wells’ Adventure

Our itinerary:

Leave Pinal Villa 8 am drive four hours to PV

Take plane from PV to LAX

Spend night in hotel.

On the shuttle at 5 am for the airport.

Fly to Seattle

Change planes and fly to Vancouver.

Fly to Nanaimo

Pick up car and drive home.

The slightly longer version:

Eddie showed up at the ranch at 8 am, we loaded up his car and away we went.

Just after leaving it actually started to rain. It was only a mist and stopped after a few minutes.

We went through the usual nasty road works about half an hour out. Dust everywhere. There was a bathroom break half way to PV so we got to stretch our legs a bit.

There was a police road block just outside of PV to make sure we all had masks on. We didn’t, but soon put them on. The roads in PV were almost empty compared to the usual hustle and bustle. Arrived at the airport at about noon, four hours early. 

The airport was just about deserted. We found a restaurant and started the wait. We were the only ones in there. 

After a while we strolled down to the check-in and then proceeded to security. 

On the way we had our temperatures checked. Rosalie had forgotten about a bottle of juice that we had so I was anticipating a strip search by the cute security lady, but no such luck. They confiscated it and we went on our way.

While we waited for our flight Rosalie bought us a wee bottle of wine each. They were about 6 ounces each. They cost $178 pesos each, or about $10.96 Canadian.

The flight was okay and had lots of leg room. Not too many people on the plane when we got to LAX airport we scooted through Border security and customs. The bus at the airport usually carries 75 people but because of  social distancing only carried 35 so two busses were needed.

There was to be a shuttle bus to the the hotel so I called and we got to there a half an hour later. We found that we weren’t in the best part of town. 

The first thing we had to do was go to the  liquor store for some wine. When I knocked on the other Wells’ door, Patti said she didn’t think it was me as she hadn’t seen me with cloths on, as I usually only wore shorts with no shirt.

There was a fairly busy street to cross. There was nothing coming in any direction so we started to cross. Half way across, a motorbike came roaring around doing about sixty. The guy got really ticked off because he had to slow down for us. He shouted and gave us the finger and at one point I thought he was going to come back and harass us. Welcome to the USA!

We had all been dreaming about getting Chinese food when we got to LA, so we found a delivery menu and Rosalie called to order. Patti had a Visa card and wanted to pay with that as we didn’t have a lot of US cash between us. She got on the phone and managed to get so pissed off with the procedure she cancelled the order and hung up in disgust. There was an Arby’s next door so we went there. There was no eat-in service so we got take out went back to the hotel and drank wine.

No wiFi. Can’t send blog.


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