This quarantine lark can be fun. We have had a few people inadvertently wander on to our property and we can with authority and complete justification request that they leave or else.  Oh!  The Power. Although we have no idea what the ‘or else’ would entail.

There are other benefits, when people come by uninvited and we don’t like them, we can tell them to f… off without feeling that we have insulted them. We are doing it for their own good after all.

Rosalie is having a bit of a hard time with it. However, she’s stuck with me 24/7 and has the worry of running out of wine so guess that’s somewhat understandable.

We have had a great time with a few people whom we decide not to name because we don’t want to incriminate them in any way. They sit outside the fence and we sit in and we have a great old time swapping covid 19 stories and trying not to cough on each other. I placed a propane fire pit between us so any germs will be burned up if someone does cough.

I’m going to need a haircut soon!

Laundry is a bit of an issue. I just turn my undies inside out and they are good for at least another couple of days. Rosalie though is a bit more discriminating and insists on new undies every day, I think it’s a girl thing.

I hand washed some of my stuff and hung them out on the line to dry but forgot that this is not Mexico and stuff doesn’t dry in a few hours like it does there. It was going to rain the next day so I had to haul it all in and wait for another day to dry it. In the meantime, I may have to go commando. I see Rosalie smiling, I don’t know why.

For the last few weeks in Mexico, I had been Zooming with the pub guys. This week however was different. I went to all the trouble of setting up the meeting, but just because the pub is open now,  the buggers scooted off there and ignored me. Just to add insult to injury, Peter rubbed it in by sending pictures of them having a great time without me. This will not be forgotten!

We were getting a collection of garbage and had no idea what to do with it. we can’t leave the site so we had to come up with something else. I wanted to burn it like they used to do in Mexico back in the day, but it smells bad so we discounted that idea. Then Bruce next door asked if he could take it for us, and with tears in our eyes and after spraying it with an alcohol hand cleaner we handed it over.

In the evening we sometimes watch Netflix or Prime but mostly sit by the fire and read our books.

Quarantine ain’t so bad.


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