Best 75th Birthday ever

Considering that you only have one 75th, this was one in a field of one.

Seventy-five is such a milestone that we plan it for years ahead. Mine was a little different. We were in quarantine and I didn’t expect much to happen. We couldn’t go out, nobody could come in, so I reconciled myself to spending the day feeling sorry for myself and sucking my thumb. Rosalie gave me lots of hugs and fed me wine to make me feel better but it only helped a little…Heavy sigh!

And then it happened!  Zoom!

Barb said she wanted to do this and connect us all on Zoom using my birthday as an excuse. Glen and Cheryl had set up an account so that we could talk past the 40-minute limit and we all logged in.

It was awesome! We, friends from around BC,  reconnected and had a really good visit thanks to Glen and Cheryl and Zoom. They say that the security on Zoom isn’t very good right now. Well, anybody hacking into this session would have to have a serious rethink about what they are doing.

Of course, all the usual B.S. happened. Those drunken bums singing happy birthday sounded great because I was also half drunk. And I really appreciated it.

Gordie read me a telegram from the Queen but he was a bit premature. Gordie, IT’S MY 75th NOT MY 100th !! What were you thinking?

Peter had trouble connecting. For some reason, Peter always has the gremlins getting in his way. However, Rosalie talked him on board and he soon became part of the group. It wouldn’t have been the same without him and Suzie.

We bantered about a lot and I, as usual, took all the cheap shots with dignity and aplomb, and the afternoon went really well.

During all this, I was trying to cook a pork roast on the big green egg. I frantically checked the app on my phone every few minutes to see if I was ruining it as I am wont to do. I needn’t have worried as it wasn’t ready for several more hours. When it was finally done it tasted awesome.

I couldn’t have wished for a better 75th birthday.

Thank you all my friends, and especially to Rosalie who keeps me on an even path.

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